Reset Your Smart Balance Wheel

Many people don't know that there are two patterns of the smart balance wheel system.

1.Pattern for Green Hand
This system pattern is designed for beginners and children. Under this pattern, the hoverboard speed will be limited and moves more steadily. People will feel troublesome to speed up and can't go fast. It is mean to protect beginners and children from out-of-control accidents caused by high speed.

So if you complain about low speed of your hoverboard, it may just the reason of being under the pattern for green hand.

2.Pattern for Sporting
Hoverboards under this pattern won't have speed limit from its system. Experienced players can't easily reach its maximum speed.

How to change the two patterns?

1.When hoverboard under the pattern for green hand, power off and then double-click the power button to open it. Then the hoverboard will turn to be under the pattern for sporting.

2.When it under the pattern for sporting, double-click the power button to shut down the board and then reopen it again. Then done.
Don't be too fast when you double-click the power button, about 0.5 seconds per time.

Reset Hoverboard System.

Following video will show you to reset hoverboard system.


And if your hoverboard is unbalanced, which means one wheel faster and one wheel slower, you can also have a try at this. Should be helpful.

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