Know More Details of Your Hoverboard

1. Structure of Smart Balance Wheel

Basically with Power Button, Charging Port, Pedals, Front LED Lights and Middle Light Indicator (for battery and pressure).

hoverboard structure

hoverboard structure diagram

2. Specification of Most Self Balancing Scooter

Motor Power: 700W (350W for each wheel)

Battery Type: Lithium Battery (Brands: Samsung & LG)

Battery Voltage: 36V

Battery Watt: 158W

Battery Capacity: 4.0A

Charge Time: 1-2 hours (Do not charger overnight!)

Control Board: third-generation super-intelligent control panel

Max. Speed: 12km/h (7.4mile/h)

Speed Limit Hint: Warning Sound + Rise

Gradeability: 17 degree

Minimum Load Weight: 40kg (88lb)

Maximum Load Weight: 120kg (264lb)

Turning Radius: 0

Power Indication: Led Light

3. How to Ride Hoverboard

The key is to keep yourself balanced.

how to ride hoverboard

4. Atterntion

A. Do not charger your hoverboard overnight!

B. When the scooter power less than 15%, the Middle Light Indicator will turn red. Do not use the smart balance wheel. Lower power may make the board lose balancing ability. That may hurt you and shorten the battery life.

hoverboard atterntion

5. Different Chargers for Different Countries

hoverboard chargers

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